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UCAS Lab Founders

Jia Shing


Jia Shing is a Khazanah Global Scholar and currently holds offers form LSE (Actuarial Sc) and King's College London (Maths & Stats). However, he plans to further his studies at UCLA where he'll read Financial Actuarial.Throughout the years, Jia Shing's deep passion towards creating products that truly move the needle has led him to pioneering a number of self-initiated projects. Among them are A2KI, ASTRA, Project KYVID and of course, UCAS Lab. He also dabbles in coding and web design which allows him to freelance for several other businesses such as Hype Streetwear MY and Genieus Malaysia.


Chris Deng is an Oxford Law offer holder and a Yayasan Khazanah scholar. He also holds offers from LSE and King's College London to read Law.Shouldering the responsibility of a Peer Tutor in both High School and College, Chris is experienced in teaching and relaying information to his students. He believes in stripping down concepts to its very core and coming up with clever formulas to summarize complex subjects.A true believer in the maxim “learn more by studying less”, he wishes to share his knowledge with you, in your endeavour to perfect your University Applications and Admission Test.

UCAS Lab Mentor

🤩 Throughout your 4-week cohort, you'll have access to

The Core

  • Available for All Memberships

10 one-hour Live Events consisting of :
- 3 Community Live Session
- 5 Course-Specific Workshops
- 2 University Lab Discussions
Hosted on Google Meets.

Personal Statement Reviews

  • Available for All Memberships

Get targeted feedback and suggestions on Personal Statement Drafts from Lab Mentors.

Inter-Lab Discussions

  • Available for All Memberships

Our private online community discussion forum to share and ask for resources throughout your application process.

Course-Specific Guidance

  • Available for All Memberships

Tailored coaching for your intended course, including details to add in your Personal Statement, Admission Tests preparations and mock Admission Interviews.

University Labs

  • Available for All Memberships

Personalized coaching by Lab Mentors to ensure you present yourself as an appealing candidate to your Dream University.

Live Event Recordings

  • premium membership and above

Did you miss the live event a while ago? Or perhaps you'd like to re-watch certain sections and take note of something you missed out on? Fret not, we got you covered.

Power Hour

  • premium membership and above

An informal 1-hour live working session, where all Lab Members can work together on their PS in silence with instrumental tracks playing in the background to get you in the groove.Of course, attendance is completely voluntary, so if doesn’t fit your vibe, you are more than welcome to work in your own time!

1:1 UCAS Lab Mentoring

  • Executive Membership

Schedule private sessions with Lab Founders/Mentors of your choice to get the ultimate private and personalized service.

All-Access Pass

  • Executive Membership

Lifetime access to all future cohort content updates as well as Live Events



Payment Instructions

The preferred payment method is through Bank Transfer.Bank Number: 38950780836
Bank Name: Hong Leong Bank
Recipient Name: Wee Jia Shing
Receipt Reference: UCAS Lab - [Insert Your Name]
Please download/screenshot the transfer receipt.For your convenience, you can also copy the Bank Account Number below!

UCAS Lab Membership starts at RM59.

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From RM 60
  • 🖊️ +2 PS Review, 💬 +2 1-on-1 UCAS Lab Mentoring for RM60
  • 🖊️ +4 PS Review, 💬 +2 1-on-1 UCAS Lab Mentoring for RM75

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